Game Dev_onian

The U.Q.C is... Running out of space, and it is your job to clear out the old and non-functioning algorithms.
Swords, Dagger, Battle Axe, Halberd, Cudgel, Quarter Staff
This is an Odd little Prop, it was created as a Styled Version of a Random Spinning Wheel.
Dark/Grey, Wood Mountain - Optimized For Use in Unreal Engine 4
Super Cool, Stylized Floor Cabinets - Optimized For UE4
Great pack of Interchangeable Textures, Super High Quality.
Some really High quality Garbage Bins... and a Full Garbage Bag
A lovely Sofa just a Little Worn
TV and Stand - Optimized For use in Unreal Engine 4
Oversized Rotating Swing Saw, rusted Piece of ........
Table- Chair- Bunch of Skins. FREE for all you Awesome, Wonderful, Fantastical Game Dev's.
Free Worn Wood Fence Set.... Happy Halloween Game Jams every one
Can You Reach The Top. Psychological Horror, Trolling Rage Platformer.