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How To Play!

The player uses flippers to deflect highly paced spacey balls back and forth between bouncers, targets and spinners. Using the spacey balls, our player scores by finding and removing non-functioning algorithms. The player activates special tasks which allow for use of multipliers, using the multipliers allows the player to collect even more non-functioning algorithms in a given time period.


Left Shift  = Left Flippers

Left Trigger = Left Flippers

Right Shift = Right Flippers

Right Trigger = Right Flippers

Space Bar(Hold) = Pull Plunger

Right Face Button = Pull Plunger

Ctrl Left = Tilt Left

Ctrl Right = Tilt Right

Enter = Accept

Bottom Face Button = Accept

Esc = Open Menu

Start Button = Open Menu

KeyBoard = To Enter High Score Name.

The Story!

   The Universal Quantifier is…. Running out of space. You are a Universal Software Engineer, and it is your job to clear out old non-functioning algorithms. 

   Unfortunately the Universal Quantifier is Running out of Space. There is little space left and it is causing Chaos, dimensional rifts and black holes. You will have to flipper your way through space/time. Clearing out as many non-functioning algorithms as you can while at the same time, saving the Universal Quantifier from Chaos.

Our Submission for the Epic Mega Jam 2021.

Install instructions

Please Use the App to Install! You can download, but always suggested to use the itch.io app as it is the safest manner in which to enjoy games on itch.io.  When you Download/install this product you are to USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Epilepsy WARNING - There are Blinking Lights that blink to the Sounds of Music.  Epilepsy WARNING USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, DO NOT USE IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS - USE  AT YOUR OWN RISK.


UniversalQuantification - weGDWromin.zip 185 MB

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